Nessa Character Analysis

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Nessarose and I Nessarose is the Wicked Witch of the East. Nessa and her sister Elphaba have a very sisterly relationship.The way Nessa is taken care of by her sister,gets embarrassed by her family and is daddy’s angel proves Nessa from “Wicked” by Stephen Schwartz and myself are similar and different. Sometimes family can be embarrassing. This can be seen when Nessa is embarrassed by her sister Elphaba. “Nessarose’s wheelchair is torn from Morribles hands and begins to wheel itself back to Elphaba. Morrible: How did you do that? Galinda: How did she do that? Nessarose: Elphaba!.” This proves Nessa is embarrassed by Elphie. This is shown when Nessa Yells Elphaba’s name for taking her wheelchair out of Morrible’s hands. Just like Nessa I get embarrassed by my family too. My family is very loud and laughs a lot. They also like to sing and talk very loudly in public places. My family is also very noise and want to know everything I am doing and who talk to. Nessarose is her father’s angel and I am too. This can be seen when Nessa is given the silver shoes from her father. “Now Father…(He pulls silver shoes from the box) Jeweled shoes!”(Scene 2). This quote proves is about Nessa being given a gift as she goes off to school. This proves Nessa is favorited by her father. This is proved because…show more content…
This can be seen when Elphaba’s father tells her to watch after her sister. “Frex: Elphaba, stop making a spectacle of yourself! I’m only sending you here for one reason… Elphaba:Yes, I know to look after Nessarose.” (Scene 2). This quote is showing that Elphaba is required to take care of Nessa. This proves nessa needs to be taken care of . This is shown because “Frex”, the father tells Elphaba the only reason she is there is to take care of Nessa. I am different from Nessa because I take care of myself mostly. I don’t need someone to guide me or help me get
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