Nestawy-Nakht: The Innermost Coffin Of Tutankhamen

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The work is similar to the egyptian stylistic because it is very similar to the Innermost Coffin of Tutankhamen which was done in the Egyptian stylistic period. The of the subject, style, and function of Amen-Nestawy-Nakht are similar to the Coffin of Tutankhamen. The work is about a coffin for Amen-Nestawy-Nakht, who was a priest of Amun in the city of Thebes. The coffin is shows with Horus and Thoth, both gods. Leading the dead to Osiris, Lord of the Underworld Also on the coffin are “protective gods and symbols that promise resurrection for the deceased” Lastly, the coffin shows Horus and Anubis anointing Amen with water (SLAM wall.) The coffin portrays gods in the many “Registers” or sections. The Egyptians did not believe in one god, they believed in many gods. On the coffin there are hieroglyphs, which is ancient egyptian writing. There are also human and animal hybrids which would have represented the gods.…show more content…
The coffin of Amen shows him with lined hair, which is typical of this period because it is not a natural or realistic representation. Also, the makeup style and calm facial features is very common for this time. The egyptians were not known for dramatic facial expressions. Amen is not shown with a crown because he was a priest not a
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