Nestle Brand Analysis

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Nestle are the brand and slogan. This because the brand is already known by the people around the global and the consumers also have their trust and believe in the brand. When the company produce any new products the consumer like to try it. If any new company do that the consumer will go for the usual brand they use. The slogan of Nestle Company “Good Food, Good Life” also give a big impact in the consumer mind. By the slogan also the consumer can clearly understand that the company always produces very quality products. Other than that, the unmatched product and brand portfolio also a strength of the company. Nestle Company offers one of the widest portfolio of food and brewery products in its also operates 20 brands that earn more…show more content…
In 2011 Nestle invest more than $ 2 billion to R&D. This is one of the factors of the firm get more strengthening every year. Furthermore, distribution channels and geographic presence is well build by Nestle Company. Nestle running his business more than 100 countries and has extensive distribution channel all over the world, which support its operations globally. Finally, brand reputation also a strength of Nestle. Nestle is well known brand in this global. Almost every one use this reputable brands in their daily life. For Nestle the brand reputation valued at $7…show more content…
That are increasing demand for healthier food products in global market. Nestle is a halal product producing company and the company products are healthier. Now day’s people have trend of buying and consuming only healthy food products is a major shift in consumer tastes and opens up immense for companies. Currently, Nestle give more important to produces products that give more health to the consumers. This proven that the company have a wonderful opportunity to get more sales by produces heathy products. Other than that, nestle acquiring startups specializing in producing well-being products. Many new startups are forming and introducing new products for well-being or revolutionizing the ways those products are made. Startups are cheap and can easily be acquired. Nestle is focusing on providing more well-being products and this is a great opportunity to expand its portfolio. Furthermore, while establishing new joint ventures Nestle can increase the opportunities. Nestle is already involved in many successful partnerships with major world companies like Coca-Cola company and

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