Nestle Company Case Study

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Women have been making significant contributions to every aspect of Malaysia’s development, especially in social, cultural and economic sectors. Currently, Malaysian women play a greater role in the labour force both in the professional and non-professional sectors. In the Malaysia context and some of the Europe country, Nestle Company really been did a great job in enhance the gender balance. However, the company there are some scandal in the south of America and in some cocoa production country like Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. In the cocoa production country, the women farmers suffer from the gender discrimination problem as the women cocoa growers are often paid less, less access than men to land, credit, trainings and tools, women been fired due to demanded equal treatment and pay and Indonesian women is made to work without contract and is called by her supervisors as an
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The company should standardized all the policy in the country that the company operated. Because the discrimination of gender still happening in underdeveloped country especially in Nigeria and Indonesia. This is because, in the particular country, the women status been lower than man. With the standardization of the policy, it able to protect the rights of the women. Besides that, Nestle Company should provide the opportunities for women to gain promotion. The company policy should treat all the workers fairly as evaluate the qualification of the employees based on their performance but not on the gender. The study of Malaysia context stated that men been dominated on most of the profession so it had cause the unbalance distribution of workforce Moreover, the company should give the paid fairly especially in Brazil as in that country women been get the lesser paid than
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