Nestle Marketing Case Study

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Ethics are being practiced as a code of conducts in many organizations. This is important when performing marketing operations to the consumers. Ethics helps to differentiate between right and wrong which helps a person to make a correct decision based on moral attributes. This assignment is about the ethical issues in marketing of an organization called Nestlé Group of Company. Firstly, a brief history and background of the company will be discussed. Followed by, controversy faced by this organization. How this issue occurred and how did it affect the consumers? In addition, the actions taken by the organization to resolve this issue will also be looked at. Lastly, the other strategies that can be used and the conclusion of the study will be discussed. Nestlé is a multinational food and beverage company located in Switzerland. It was formed in year 1905, by merging the Angelo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company and Farine Latté Henri Nestlé. The history of this company started when the founder, Henri Nestlé, a German pharmacist launched his first creation called Farine lacttée which is made out from the combination of cow’s milk, wheat flour and sugar. This formula was first tested on his neighbour’s child and it was a life saver. Ever since, nutrition has been the basis of the company. The company has survived and expanded beyond the condensed milk and infant formula products after the First World War and also the Second World War. Currently, the products of Nestlé are baby
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