Nestle Milo Case Study

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The health food drinks market is highly competitive with various heavy players like GSK, Cadbury, Nestle, Heinz etc. The health food drinks market is divided into white beverages and brown beverages. Horlicks with 36.2 % market share leads 5500 crore health food drinks market. Bournvita is leader is brown beverage category followed by Boost. Nestle Milo a relative new entrant to the market was launched in India in 1996. Milo entered the market with great advertisements, sales push and promotional offers. It captured initial eyeballs but failed to pick up and compete with the likes of Bournvita and Boost. Declining sales and failure to capture market share led to Nestlé’s withdrawal of Milo from the market in the year 2009. Brands and products tend to age over the years if not nurtured properly. The First objective of the project is to study about the awareness and Brand equity of Nestle Milo. In this phase, the key factors that led to decline of the Brand Milo, how Milo’s positioned itself and targeted its customers were evaluated. The Second objective is to recommend Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy for relaunching the Brand Milo. In this phase we analysed the perceptual maps and identified the gaps between nestle milo and its competitors. The overall purpose of this study is to understand the dynamics behind success or failure of the brand. REASONS FOR SELECTION OF NESTLE MILO Nestle a giant in consumer food business, Launched Milo to compete with

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