Nestle Nest Case Study

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter .1 INTRODUCTION 1. Basic introduction of nestle 2. Nestle visualization 3. Nestle operation Chapter.2 LITERATURE VIEW 1. Goals and objectives 2. Organization structure 3. Current strategies Chapter.3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 1. SWOT analysis 2. Pest analysis 3. Portfolio 4. Porters five force 5. HR planning 6. Recruitment process 7. Performance appraisal 8. Compensating benefits Chapter .4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 1. Motivation strategies 2. Leadership style 3. Labor policies 4. Safety and health measures Chapter .5 CONCLUSIONS REFRENCES CHAPTER .1 INTRODUCTION 1. BASIC INTRODUCTION OF NESTLE The nestle nest is on behalf of the sustenance, intellect and defense of family that area unit are bieng vital. His family coat of arm the nest with mother bird shielding her young’s became a corporation care and position to constant nourishment .nestle has virtually five hundred comodity everywhere the globe and allocation best to their customers. Nestle is leading a corporation of Schweiz establish by Henry Nestle. Nestle is serving in eighty six countries and their most continents. Henri nestle established a primary product name as food for babies that were unable give. People quickly accepted the worth of the nestle product as its saves many lives. the primary success of Henry nestle Was precipitate kid World Health Organization couldn 't abide any substitute or any of their mother’s milk

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