Nestle Nigeria Case Study

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2.1 Description of Consultancy Project
The strength and success of any organization in Nigeria are to increase its overall business performance and to achieve an outstanding measurement of results in this tight economic situation and a highly competitive market environment. It depends mainly on its ability to strategically carry out innovation on infrastructure and its capacity to manage the financial crisis to outsmart its competitors (Machuka & Costa, 2012). Outwitting competitors is a knowledgeable exercise and ability of Nestle Nigeria Plc to deliver and offer superior products and services than its competitors like Cusson, PZ, OK Foods, and this greatly depends on Nestle Nigeria Plc
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It is important for Nestle Nigeria Plc to improve on their innovative capability because organizations innovative capabilities are vital since it creates the skills and information required to effectively understand and advance existing technologies to be able to generate new ones (Guan & Ma, 2003) this can indirectly improve business performance. The business performance of Nestle Nigeria Plc can be measured strategically between various aspects, which cut across strategic planning and marketing capabilities (Yam et al., 2004). Furthermore, Nestle Nigeria Plc as a manufacturing company needs to have marketing capability skills (Yann et al., 2004). Nestle Nigeria Plc needs to understand its strategic planning ability to be able to recognize its internal and external environment strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to determine the need for a consultancy service (Baaij, 2014; Yann et al.,…show more content…
This brought an increase in administrative expenses, sales of raw materials, prices of the distribution of raw materials and finished products from 7.66% to 21.93% (Proshare, 2015), increases in tax payment and decline of dividend to shareholders, is another related issue (Gbadeyanka, 2017). Competition is also a similar problem for Nestle Nigeria Plc as consumer goods are imported into the country for sales, which brings about foreign competitors (Proshare,

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