Nestle Operations Management Process

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Operations department is the foundational department of any origination. There are many different models and approaches are available that can be applied in Operations department for achieving specific results and goals. Each model highlight specific functional dimensions of the operations department and different organization adopt according to the needs and requirements (Brawster, 2011). The concept of operations department came into existence in 1960’s and 1970’s. With time its importance as an innovative method of is needed to facilitate all the different operations in any business. Today it is applied and utilized globally and is considered as a management standard (Brewster, 1994) According to Softscape’s 2010 the performance of any…show more content…
The introduction of the centralized IT system was also introduced to enhance the communication between different strategic offices. But complete centralization is not still possible. The reason for this is that people from the different region has their own particular preferences when it comes to food. For example in Asia and Africa the consumption of sugar is more than Europe and USA. For that there is certain department, such as research and development, branding and marketing, etc., Needs to be decentralized and work in direct connecting with the customer. Nestlé operation management Nestlé operation management covers the following aspects Capacity and Capacity Planning - “Capacity is the ability to hold, receive, store and accommodate.” Volume and certainty of anticipated demand - The factor by which the management Calculate by formulas to locate their facility.” Strategic objectives – Design made and trade - “The companies develop their operations into many of the countries.” Cost of expansion and operation - “The concept of JIT is to getting the right quantity of goods at the right place and at the right time.” Best operating level – boost the business performance Facility Location – enable the business to offer uniform quality and product glabally Product design – innovation and creativity is the name of the…show more content…
Utilizing the resources to the maximum benefits to the business is critical for present and future of any business. This is only possible if they are provided with the right opportunity. Nestlé considers operation department is considered to be the back bone of the business. All the operation strategies are dependent on the performance of the operation department. It enables Nestlé to share knowledge and understand and adopt technology innovation well in time. Nestlé has developed a culture of learning where training is an integral part. Each employee is offered with the right full opportunity to excel and progress in life and profession. Nestlé training and development strategies can be stated as successful as it has proven its results in employee retention, dedication and performance. That will enable Nestlé to be flexible and lean at the same time. It will also help Nestlé to skim its strategies by being more flexible. The implementation of this operation based strategies however can be a challenge for Nestlé as the company is already very efficient yet every business has the space for being better and more efficient than it already is. And also because quality needs to be checked from time to time because at the end of the day quality is what measures the customer satisfaction. Nestlé will have to conduct an extensive research to find out the flaws in the business that needs to be corrected. Still to improve the efficiency
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