Nestle Product Structure Analysis

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PRODUCT STRUCTURE OF COMPANY NESTLE According to Prof Mr. Mansor Fadzil (2011), product structure is a structure that showed the way in which the parts of a product should fit together and have an interaction between them. It also showed a detail organized level that based on the structure. This structure is established based on a group of employees that responsible of producing a service or product in the company. A right product structure will give an opportunity to the manager and employees to expand their experiences and expertise that is related to the overall activity of the product or service produced. Every company must have the complete range of products as the product mix to be present in the market and to have a sustainable…show more content…
There are numerous product lines such as Cereals, Dairy and other product. A complete product line as the product mix can help the executive to better control on each product line. All these product lines can help the company to present their products in the market. Underlie the product mix, there is product line. The product line means that the type of product in a company. It can have similar or different number of product lines. In Nestle, there are cereals brand based the products like Chocapic, Cini Minis, Cookie Crisp, Estrelitas, and Nesquik Breakfast Cereal. Besides that, in Dairy brand also produce the products like Nido, La Laitiere, Coffee-Mate, and Carnation and other such product lines. The way to have a higher business model must have a good product line consistency. The less the change between the products, the more is the product line consistency. That means the product that produced by the company can make the consumer satisfied, the customer will come back again to buy the same product. In Nestle, there are various product lines which are related to society daily life. So that the product mix in Nestle is more consistency than other company. As a result the company will earn the higher business model by selling the product to the targeted…show more content…
General department like human resources, accounting and purchasing are organized and managed them independently of each other. A complete functional structure can help the company reduced cost by reducing the secondly work and use of resources fully in the organization. Besides that, matrix structure is a type of structure that combines two or more types of department at the same time. This kind of structure build based on the employees of different group joined together to established a new product line that called matrix structure. These types of structure provides to all the employees for reporting their work schedule to two different supervisors or managers. Matrix structure can help the organization to manage the projects or activities that are large scale and complex more effectively and

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