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TASK 2 Q1: Examine the role of self assessment in order to determine an organizations current state of health? In this scnerio we need to examine the self assessment and current state of health of Nestle. Self assement meaning in management: Continuing process through which managers at all levels evaluates the effectiveness of their performance in all areas of responsibility, and determine what improvements are required..In nestle mangaers evaluated the effetiveness of their performance in al areas. They take the responsibility to determine what improvements are needed in the company of the product. Self assessment plays a vital role in the success of an organization and it also important for it to understand its ‘state of health’ to find out…show more content…
An industry which is based on any goods or service, there customer has a fair idea of what they should be receiving for their money. Usually through marketing the advertised promises of the provider, this idea is formed. If customers buy goods and services and that make them feel special, then they are most likely to appreciate the goods and services. Customer satisfaction occurs when customers fell that products of service they buy are specially made for them or people like them. Using survey techniques and questionnaires levels of customer satisfaction can be…show more content…
Advantage: Additional skills: The usual reason to hire a staff consultant is to get access to some of their skills that are scarce or nonexistent in a company like nestle. Beware that the more narrowly a consultant defines himself or herself, the less helpful they will be.Staff consultation is important in Nestle as they are helpfull because they have their own skills to implement in the company and benefits the product.Managers consult the staff for their ideas and their help to make a quality goo product for the company which benefits the company. Disadvantage is the Cost of the staff consultation and the time wastage. Staff will have to research to make a good quality product they need a specfic amount of money and time which cost the company alot.It can be expensive, but usually this is only a problem when companies are hiring a manager or consultant to be doing something that an employee should be doing. Most of the value a company will get from consultants is from their advice, observations and some focus work, so a couple hours from a consultant could save you months of wasted employee/contractor

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