Nestle: Strategies To Improve Work Performance

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3. Strategies to increase work performance
We’ll help you develop as a professional and perform to the best of your ability. You and your career are both important to us.

We know that it is our people who set us apart and spur our success year after year. We’re only able to hit our targets because you hit yours. Every year you will set performance and development goals with your manager, aligned with the business company goals. This helps you understand how you contribute to the bigger picture and ensure you are engaged to meet them.

At Nestlé, we believe in a continuous performance mindset. We encourage open, honest and transparent conversations through regular Check-Ins. These help drive continuous performance and development, focusing
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This represents an investment of around USD 397 per employee, including both internal and external trainings.
4.Method of HRM at Nestle:
The Nestle group in the area of interpersonal relations and its management style and the corporation values are stated as follows:
Their respect demands specific attitude that is worthy to be highlighted in the present policy.
 For taking any advice and decision Nestle depends on its employees. So Nestle has a ‘Democratic Leadership Style’.
 If the company is able to attract employees and develop its growth continually, they will easily achieve a long term success. This is a primary duty of all managers. The principle of the Nestle policy is to hire staff with personal attitude and professional skills because it will make them able to consolidate a long term relationship with the company. Hence ‘the potential for professional advancement’ is an important standard for
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There is not intolerance, harassment or discrimination in the management and this principle is applied and maintained at every stage and situation.
Nestle management does not work in complexity and they are honest in behaving with customers and employees for excellent communication. The Nestle is improving continuously for their sincerity in work, dialogue and transparency. environment:
We are a people-inspired company. People are at the heart of everything we do. We look to promote a healthy lifestyle inside and outside work wherever possible.
Our culture is based on our values rooted in respect: for ourselves, for others, for diversity and for the future. Our ways of working and flexible environment allow us to adapt to the ever-changing world. Promoting an inclusive environment helps us bring our purpose and values to life every day.
Work life balance
Offering employees good working conditions and helping them to stay safe, healthy and engaged are top priorities.
Therefore, we support a flexible work environment. This means employees and their managers can agree on when, where and how employees work, in order to better balance personal needs and business requirements. We put the emphasis on individual responsibility, opportunity and

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