Nestle Swot Analysis

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INTRODUCTION Nestle is a Swiss- based food and beverage company. Ever since the company was founded it had the aim of nurturing people worldwide and wanted to fulfill a family’s nutritional needs irrespective of where in the whole world they live. Nestle is a company that manufactures, processes and sells food products along with different products across a number of markets. Its product line is vast as it includes baby food, bottled water coffee and tea, ice creams, pet foods and many more. Today Nestle has expanded all around the world and made products which fits in every country and suits every taste. In terms of operation also Nestle is one of the largest as it has 447 factories which operate in around 194 countries; its employment share is also large of 333,000 people, there products are almost available in every country. In terms of revenue it is the largest food company. Switzerland is the place where Nestlé’s history began when it was founded by…show more content…
They are extremely popular because of its nutritious products, low prices and there quality There philosophy is very simple: GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths • Nestle in terms of revenue is the largest company and has the most extensive portfolio in its sector, it’s annual earning is around $1 billion dollar and has around 8,000 products and reaches to almost every country so it is very difficult for its competitors to catch up. • Nestle has a research and design capability that can beat any competitor and through this capabilities they innovate and introduce new products every year which gives Nestle an advantage over its competitor. • The distribution channel of Nestle is unbeatable. • To keep up their speed they acquire a lot of companies because of which there is a remarkable

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