Nestle: The Ethics Of Business Ethics In Business

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Business has a responsibility to society. Business ethics are rules of conduct, values, principles and patterns of behaviour in business dealings that involve ‘doing the right thing’ by those within the organisation. Part of this responsibility is to look after the wider community involved in the business process, including employees, across the globe. These support and influence any company’s decision-making. In order to be ethical in their operations, organisations decisions should be guided by set business principles.

Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues and a bright example of an organisation that implements high ethical standards both to employees and community.
From the foundation of the company, when Henri Nestle launched his Farine lactee - a combination of cow’s milk, wheat flour and sugar, saving the life of a neighbour’s child, nutrition has been the cornerstone of the company.
Nestle’s ethical business is run on principles of fairness and concern for the well-being of consumers and other stakeholders. The development of GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) labelling on packs showed Nestlé 's consumers that the company is concerned about their health. The business is also concerned with communicating the right messages to its consumers. For example, it recognises that it should not encourage overeating, especially in

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