Nestle's Product Management: An Overview Of Nestle

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A product name Nestlé found in market which had been famous among the dairy product consumers. Nestlé can be found in numerous countries such as Malaysia, China, Russia, India and many more. Nestlé’s have a variety of products such as baby food, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, bottled water, pet foods, as well as snacks. Nestle was discovered by Henri Nestlé in the year 1866. Henri Nestlé, an immigrant from Germany, was working as a pharmacy assistant. Henri began examining and exploring nutritious food supplements in the year 1866 when Europe was struck by a high rate of infancy mortality due to malnutrition. He started off with helping premature infants who were unable to consume his mother’s milk. Soon after consuming the milk food supplements, he was saved. The product which was later given the name FarineLactée ofNestlé was marketed throughout much of Europe, and a fresh brand name began to take on life.
Henri Nestlé adopted his own coat of arms as a trademark in 1867. Nestlé means little nest and the symbol of Nestlé is globally understood to represent nurturing and caring, security, nourishment and family bonding. These attributes are still considered as the guiding legacy for the company Henri Nestlé founded as it fulfills its commitment to 'Good Food, Good Life. '
An emerging market is a socioeconomic classification title applied to countries that have economic activity stronger than least

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