Nestorious's Argument

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Nestorious was born around 381 to 386 AD. He was trained to eventually be in a high governmental position from the time he was a young boy. He received his training from Theodore of Mopsuestia, in Antioch, and eventually became the archbishop of Constantinople, after his life of living in a monastery as a monk. Nestorious had become well known for his teachings and sermons, which later caused a disagreement that led to the loss of his title and job. In fact, he was condemned and forced to be removed from his position as Archbishop. Nestorious had a different view of Theotokos, which means that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. But, Nestorious believed that Jesus could not have been God if he was born through a human. Being…show more content…
He never stopped defending his faith, but at the Council of Chalcedon, which was held in the year 451 AD, Nestorious was anathematized, or condemned, due to the lack of defenders and supporters for his theory and beliefs. Nestorious was never really supported until the Church of the East, which had not accept the condemning that was given to Nestorious, accepted his beliefs, leading the Church of the East to change its name to the “Nestorian Church”. Nestorious was never actually honored as a correct preacher, and his teachings were never officially accepted as being correct, but there were many people who believed in what he said. Some said it was just a theory, and that it did not matter if it was correct or not, but others thought it was heresy, needing to be…show more content…
Some people would say that this isn’t right, because based on this opinion, an atheist who doesn’t believe in God could hear this, get scared after hearing about this new look at the doctrine, and conclude that Jesus was actually crazy, with all of his words actually being nothing but lies. To be safe, this would be something that was more of a theory than actual proven truth. Nestorianism in today’s world is considered to be Christology, and is studied by many scholars, along with other types of theories. Many people even today would consider these teachings to be heresy. I think that sticking to what the Bible says and what I know to be truth is probably the best course of action. I would not trust Nestorianism for the same reasons that many other people have not trusted it; Jesus having two minds in one body is just too stretched, and strange, for me to follow or to understand. Although we are told to study and to try to understand the Bible, along with what it means, for ourselves, and to mold our own beliefs on our study, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, rather than to blindly believe everything we’re told, while trying to convince everyone else to believe as you do, without
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