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RIBBON BLENDER Base power from the Gouda mill comes in the Ribbon Blender (mixer), where all other dry ingredients are added and then mixed for a fixed period of time.After mixing dry ingredient, all material is stored in tote bin. There are many tote bin use in cereal plant for storing the final product. This finished product is then transferred to filling & packing room. • Mixing time in ribbon blender a) Cerelac& its variant : 4 mins b) Nestrum& its variant : 3 mins • Material added during Dry mixing are a) Base Powder b) Crunchies and Flakes c) Milk Powder ( MPC/BPC) d) Preblend Two types of preblends are used Plate 2.3 Cerelacpreblendfor Cerelac& its variants Nestrumpreblend for Nestrum& its variants . 3. QUALITY…show more content…
Sometimes it is not reasonably practical to eliminate the risk posed then steps must be taken to control it. Risk management involves assessing the potential harm of these hazards and introducing safe systems of work to eliminate or control them to an acceptable level. It involves 3 steps a) Identifying any foreseeable hazard: Anything in the workplace that has potential to harm anyone at the workplace. e.g. moving parts in machinery, toxic chemicals, manual handling tasks, faulty electrical equipments etc. b) Assessing the risk from the hazard : Finding out how significant the risk is. Eg. Will it cause a serious injury, illness or death and how likely is this to occur ? c) Eliminating the hazard or if this is not possible, controlling the risk from the hazard : Implementing strategies to eliminate or control the hazard eg design equipment differently, add machine guards, use safe chemicals, providing lifting devices to minimize manual handling or use personal protective equipment
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