Net Neutrality Argumentative Essay

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In the era of Obama, net neutrality rules were set to provide a free and fair internet experience to everyone [6]. Net neutrality is the concept of making all content on the internet available to people at the same speed [1]. However, 3 years later, those laws are now being threatened to be revoked by the Federal Communications Commission(FCC), a US agency that regulates the internet and other technologies to make sure that they are being used fairly [5],[7]. Since then, there has been a lot of controversies regarding Net neutrality due to the recent decision made by the FCC to end it [3].

Thesis Statements: Although the decision to end net neutrality has already been made, some people are still arguing whether ending net neutrality was the right decision. Some people claim that it was the right decision to abolish net neutrality because then, infrastructure investment would greatly benefit consumers as it would create more competition, resulting in cheaper internet prices, which is especially beneficial to rural areas. However, net neutrality should ultimately not have been repealed because without net neutrality, consumers’ freedom of information and freedom of the internet will be violated, and businesses
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Without net neutrality, since internet providers can control the speed of the consumer’s content, they can favour certain companies, thus blocking small competing companies, resulting in a decline in the competitors. This in turn may lead to the fall of those small companies, and may result in a monopoly, where one big company rules the entire market. Because of this, the leading company can inflate the prices of items as high as they desire since there are no competitors opposing them. As a result, the society will be greatly impacted as it will separate the poor and the rich, making the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, resulting in more people on the streets. Therefore, harming small businesses will have detrimental effects on
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