Benefits Of Net Neutrality

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No one likes to be put on restriction of what they’re allowed to do. According to Merriam-Webster, net neutrality is what gives us the freedom to do what we need to do on the internet ( All people should be able to experience net neutrality, it is what allows us to create and experience the internet’s infinite potential and limits. Net neutrality gives us all equal opportunities, creates innovation and keeps cable companies out of having to much power. These are the reasons why you should support net neutrality. Net neutrality allows everyone to have and experience equal opportunities, according to the article on net neutrality in the opposing viewpoints online collection, executives of these cable companies believe that…show more content…
With this given power, cable companies will only take part in unfair and unjust decisions (Opposing Viewpoints In Context). Customers will be limited to what the cable companies provide, where net neutrality allows us to view whatever we want or need to see (Opposing Viewpoints In Context). With this power cable companies will create conflicts with each other over which company will get the more favorable and lease favorable sites to give better internet speeds to and gain more profit off of them (Opposing Viewpoints In Context). Some people however support the idea of cable companies having more control because you will be able to choose which company you want based on the sites they offer better internet speed to (Opposing Viewpoints In Context). I disagree, people should have the freedom to use any site they want to at any time (Opposing Viewpoints In Context). Without net neutrality our internet providers will take hold of a power that can only cause frustration among their customer (Opposing Viewpoints In Context). In conclusion, we need net neutrality for the internet. It allows us to see and experience the infinite potential of the internet. It keeps us from paying for our usage, it creates innovation on the internet and keeps cable companies from having to much power. Net neutrality keeps the internet at balance for everyone. You should support net neutrality because it keeps the internet we use everyday at its greatest, it keeps away cable companies from taking it all over for themselves, with net neutrality the internet will stay in its glorious position we know it as
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