Essay On The Importance Of Net Neutrality

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The Importance of Net Neutrality to the World Law makers have recently voted to nullify net neutrality. This means popular services may be in danger for the average consumer. Essentially, net neutrality laws required all ISPs (internet service providers) to treat all data that flowed on networks equal. For example, AT&T would have to allow one of their customers to access a Comcast webpage at the same speed that they may access an AT&T webpage. This concept was introduced in February of 2015 by the FCC. This was done with reclassifying broadband as a common carrier under Title 2 of the communications act of 1934 (Ruiz). Net Neutrality is vital in keeping communication and knowledge free. To understand net neutrality, the internet must be…show more content…
In the 21st century, the internet has allowed billions of people to communicate in lightning fasts speeds. Regulation from the government would preserve the ability to communicate around the globe. There is no reason to allow corporations to restrict the flow of information between each other. Furthermore, the United States would set the precedent for all other countries which currently are in debate regarding net neutrality. International internet restriction could only create unneeded problems and further separate cultures across the globe. Net neutrality is a vital concept that provides a framework to success for the future of information technology. Legislation created by the United States will set precedent for the rest of the world. There is still time to repeal the FCC’s ruling, however society must act fast and efficiently. While most of the describe could be a worst-case scenario, it is still very possible. Internet service providers are here to make money and without regulation they can do as they please. Net neutrality is a key construct in the age of the internet, and without it we are purposely restricting the potential of our
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