Net Neutrality In Small Business

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Net neutrality is an essential component to the Internet. Allowing everyone to have access to one network, levels the playing field for e-commerce. I think that changing these rules would harm the smaller businesses more than the larger companies who could afford to pay the extra amount for a faster second network. I believe that smaller businesses will be the future of our economy. Small businesses bring in revenue for the area around them and deliver quality customer service. They have the ability to bring life to a new area. These owners care more about their businesses and will do whatever it takes to succeed. Unfortunately, spending more money to access e-commerce and online advertising may not be in their budget. This would put them at a disadvantage to those larger companies who can afford the network with faster service.…show more content…
Currently, their websites run the same speed as the chain companies’. If net neutrality rules were changed, I think these small businesses would lose revenue from online sales. Their website would be much slower. People today want the fastest way to get things done, and waiting longer to shop online is not favorable. These small businesses’ would lose a large portion of their clients due to slow network speed. Before reading these articles, I had no idea what net neutrality was. I was unaware of the rules set in place, and did not know that there were people who wanted to change these rules. Applying these rules to mobile would be a good idea. A large majority of people use their phone over their computers to buy a product or service, so translating these rules to mobile would be beneficial for the same reasons. It would be great for Netflix to load quicker, but not at the expense of losing some of our smaller
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