Net Neutrality: The Future Of The Internet

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The Internet plays a more important role in the lives of people than ever before. The freedom online has been a blessing for many, who are able to create start-up companies and spread new ideas. Through the Internet some are able to succeed where they could not in the physical world, however that could change. The issue of network neutrality has sparked long and fiery debate in the United States. Net neutrality, succinctly, means that broadband providers should not discriminate where content comes from. Or rather “ give users the right to use non-harmful network attachments or applications, and give innovators the corresponding freedom to supply them.” Without net neutrality, the Internet could become a more difficult place for startup companies. Should the government alone regulate the Internet with laws, even those intended to protect it. And how would they regulate these laws? Net Neutrality is an important political issue that affects Americans, and these laws should be voted on to determine the state of the Internet.

Groups Involved in Net Neutrality
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Many citizens are unaware why the issue of net neutrality affects them. Corporations such as Netflix and Google play an important role in this issue, as they are the ones that provide online services. Most people in both of these two categories want laws to safeguard net neutrality. Countering net neutrality are Internet Service Providers like Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and Comcast, that provide access to the Internet platform. These providers want to give a “fast-lane” for companies willing to pay for faster access to
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