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Chapter Summaries: The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World by Ahmed ElAwadly
Preface: The book is surrounded by the Ultimate Golden Rule: treating others as you would like to be treated. To follow this golden rule and over-achieve in a customer driven field through profitable ad successful customer relationships. This is a book is guided path of how to truly grow one’s business through sustainable good profits which is derived from consistently delivering a customer experience worthy of their loyalty.

Introduction: The management approach in conjunction with the net prompter system is a successful way to achieve good profits, ethical profits from enhancing the lives of the customers instead of using the old version of a bad habit by exploiting your customers. The main objective is to have full use of ‘word of mouth’ to enhance your business. Basically it’s all about having your happy customers talking and promoting your business. On the leadership side of the spectrum its about enhancing the leadership tool for making happiness a main component of your business model. NPS is a flexible system which allows the company to adapted NPS to suite their business needs, but successful implementation of NPS needs to contain three key elements:
• Systematically categorizing your customers into promoters and
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A key thing to remember is to investing in customer relationships to build loyalty. High quality customer relationships don’t come free, otherwise all companies would be investing in a NPS system. High quality relationships require investments and reducing the volume and reliance on bad profits. Customers are usually segmented into promoter, passive and detractors. Promoters are worth more as they have higher retention value, are less price sensitive and have a higher annual spend and are the most cost efficient customer type for a business to

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