Technology's Impact On Young Adolescents

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Introduction Advancements in technology have a transformative role in various aspects of the society. Business, social interactions, and communication are undergoing progressive changes resulting from the influence of technology. In fact, the projected influence of technology is that it will have a determinist role in virtually every aspect of the society in the closest future. Banking, immigration services, and several other processes involved in accessing essential services are slowly but consistently shifting towards technologically specific systems. The social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook continually transform conventional means of communication such as telephone calls and radio. The conventional means of communication…show more content…
Due to the overindulgence in the internet and computer applications, the current generation of youth is labeled different names (Mueller, 2006, p.94). Some of the descriptions of the present generation of youths include a “Net Generation” and “millennium generation.” This general identity covers a large group of young adolescents who have been part of the internet expansion and development. The notion of a Net generation is consistent with a deterministic view of technology’s effect on the society. From a deterministic technological viewpoint, technology is an independent force that fosters a social change (Moore, 2010, p.131). In essence, technology exercises causal influence on social practices. In addition, technological transformation leading to the creation of Netflix induces the changes in social organization and culture of the youth irrespective of the desirability of such a…show more content…
Its digital nature coincides with the technological inclination of the youth thus endearing it to them more than the other cohorts do. Netflix is a website that allows its users to watch movies and television shows at convenience as often as they wish to. The subscribers of Netflix can watch videos and shows on the computer; internet phones, Smart TVs, and other digital media players. The study of Netflix as a youth culture implies regarding it as a social space, exploring its form of consumption, content production and the patterns of online communication and social interaction, expression and identity formation that are produced within the digital space (Matrix, 2014, p.125). When studied as an independent entity, the Netflix is a coherent social platform that exists within a computer space where new methods of operation can emerge. Therefore, the youth operating within the Netflix community may be dispersed spatially but share identical interests, virtual space and rules, similar activities and a shared sense of

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