Netflix's Influence On Gender Issues

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Making themselves a perfect opportunity in between the controversy, Netflix, the popular streaming site swooped in and signed Mittal and Vir Das, the first two comedians from India, to stream their hour-long specials on the international streaming site.

Women seem to be caught up in scandals only revolving around objectification and sexism, unlike men who are usually involved in political and social issues. Mallika Dua was one such comedienne caught up in a controversy with Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. The latter who was a judge on the popular show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, came under fire for making a sexist remark at Dua, who was a mentor on the show with Zakir Khan and Hussain Dalal. In the show, if the mentors are impressed
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Radhika Vaz even went the next step and wrote her bi-weekly column on the issue, in support of Dua, and titled it Comedy of errors: What went down between Akshay Kumar, Mallika Dua and Mrs Akshay.
In her opinion piece, Vaz condemned the couples behaviour and even mentioned that if her husband “Behaves like a giant jackass, I hope I can retain my sense of humour, however weak, instead of trying to strangle him.” (The Times of India, 2017)
She also made a point about how good-looking people get away with unfunny jokes, and powerful men get away with almost everything, after looking for an apology from Kumar to Dua online, but instead stumbled upon Kumar apologising for holding the national flag upside down. “Akshay has even found the strength to say sorry to an inanimate object but not for objectifying a living woman,” she concluded her piece. (The Times of India,
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Internet trolls, audiences and critics are always there to give them a reality check about the fact that they are women. One such incident sparked a huge debate on twitter when Twitter user Kewal, tried to take a dog at female stand-up comics. He tweeted about how women only speak on particular topics and their humour is limited to that. The tweet was soon deleted from the user’s profile, but it managed to catch a lot of attention for the time it was still

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