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I. Every 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental disorders and issues. While there are treatments, some can be dangerous like medication, which can result in addiction and health issues. A better solution is Neurofeedback, a non-invasive treatment for most mental health disorders, that helps even out both hemispheres of the brain through technology. All thanks to Neurologist, W. Berry Storman and Scientist, Wanda Wyrwick’s studies performed on cats, this was made possible. They injected a chemical into cats, which half of them had Neurofeedback performed on and the other half not, and meticulously studied their brain waves. The studies revealed that the cats which had Neurofeedback performed on resisted the chemical and were barely affected by…show more content…
Well, us humans are pretty forgetful so the brain could have a chance of not remembering how to fix itself and improve. So scientists figured out that the brain memorizes music quite well, so they told their clients to take home a recording of the background music in their sessions and listen to it 20-35 minutes a day, and it ended up working very effectively. VII. But amongst all of the main ideas there are still some relatively small ones to consider. A. Along with all of the strict requirements of Neurofeedback during sessions, there are still some things you need to do on your own. 1. You must believe in the processes, if you don’t believe, your brain won’t accept it causing the process not to work. B. There is also the confusion that Neurofeedback works better on sleep than anxiety. While this statement is true, it still works very effectively with anxiety. 1. This all happens because Neurofeedback communicates to the brain and tells it to slow down or speed up in order to relax. This act effectively helps people fall asleep, so most would think it would only work on sleep disorders but that is not the case. Since it also helps when you are overstimulated, it can help with anxiety. It works because the Neurofeedback relaxes the mind in most cases and trains it, whether you are under stimulated or

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