Neurogenic Speech Disorders

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Neurogenic speech disorders are defined as an inability to exchange information with others due to nervous system impairment. (Types of ..) Although there are several types of Neurogenic speech disorders such as aprosody and apraxia of speech, this paper will be focused on the disorder otherwise known as, aphasia. With the help of four different sources, I will address the symptoms of aphasia and how it is classified. I will also explore the limitations and challenges that come with having aphasia, both mentally and socially. Finally, I will explain several methods used by speech pathologists to help with aphasia. My goal is to inform and create awareness about aphasia in hopes that it will break down barriers between those with aphasia
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As Monica Johansson states, knowledge about how aphasia affects communication in a person’s life is surprisingly scarce. (uudiva.portal) Therefore, as Speech Pathologists we can help patients with aphasia by knowing what it is and how it is caused, by knowing the limitations of people with aphasia, and finally, by knowing different methods that will directly help those with aphasia.
Definition of Aphasia and its Classification/Symptoms
Aphasia can be classified into three sub-categories, depending on how serious the person’s case is. A doctor may classify a patient with nonfluent aphasia, in which the left frontal area of the brain is damaged. Otherwise known as Broca aphasia, people who have Broca aphasia find it difficult to formulate words, and often tend to speak in abrupt sentences and omit words. Though a person may say, “Want food” or “Walk park today.” it is usually easy for the listener to understand the context of the conversation. People with this level of aphasia understand what others are saying, better than they can speak. On the other hand, people with the form of fluent aphasia may speak with ease and in long, complex sentences but often times they do not make sense. They normally are not aware of the fact that others cannot understand them. This form of aphasia is the result of damage
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