Applications Of Neuromarketing Essay

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Scope or Practical Applications Of Neuromarketing
Neuromarketing has been generally used to identify the preferences of customers. Many studies related to marketing communications through neuroanalysis have been cited such as the ones by Lee et al. (2007) and Fisher et al. (2008)
Other studies came to the conclusion that celebrities in the advertisements activates a brain area involved in the process of recognition and creation of trust. Therefore concluding that celebrities influence consumer preferences, hence, playing a role in purchase decision (Hubert and Kenning, 2008). To cite some results, pictures of attractive women, activated the regions of reward and well-being in the brains of heterosexual men. This area of brain is also activated when people are exposed to babies or puppies.
The studies by Perrachione & Perrachione (2008) cited that irrelevant messages in the ads leads to decrease in consumers’ positive responses to a product and to those advertising elements that lead consumers to relate to themselves cause positive responses. The study by Hubert & Kenning (2008) also showed that expressions of fear and danger activate a brain region that is responsible for the removal of behaviour. These studies can help companies to modify their advertisements to include elements that help the brand to be more easily remembered
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An interesting phenomenon happens with the determination of prices. A similar price level can be regarded in two different ways by the consumer. A high price for a given category of products, for example, can be perceived as a feeling of loss and, therefore, prevent consumers from purchasing them (Hubert & Kenning, 2008 and Javor et al., 2013). Alternatively, a high price for a given product may be understood as an indicator of quality and improve the value of the product and, therefore, increase the likelihood of

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