Personal Narrative: How The Mind Works By Steve Pinker

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I was born in 1998 but my story began a few years earlier in 1992 with the birth of my sister, a seemingly heathy baby albeit a few weeks premature. Like so many premature babies, a lot of complications arose, one of which was an infection that changed the course of her life and many others, myself included. Due to the underwhelming technology and medical knowledge at that time, she was underdiagnosed. Little was known about cerebral palsy in Malaysia, especially in my small rural town on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Only after a few months did my parents notice my sister's unusual development. As a low-income family, there wasn't much that they could do to undo the damage, especially with all the children in school. All they could…show more content…
Although there’s a surge in AI creation, safe to say, we still have a long way before we can fully integrate the human mind into an artificial intelligence. My time with Kechara Soup Kitchen gave me the opportunity to serve some of the bravest souls out there that had undergone some of the worst experience, stemmed from mental or physical abuse during their childhood. Seeing these people treated like outcasts have awakened a side of me that wants to create a better future for them. I had the chance to participate in a science competition during my high school years that allowed me to experience working in a lab for a day, familiarising myself with standard laboratory equipment. My participation in drama and theatre competitions during my high school and college years had challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone. I pushed myself to do my best in everything despite the lack of resources. 7 years in a boarding school has made me an independent individual that can work well under pressure. With that in mind, I would do well studying in the

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