Neuroscience In Social Work

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Introduction After completing the value inventory for policy advocacy survey, the results indicated that I agreed with the social work profession 92 percent on the statements presented. For example, the social work profession and me holds the same view regarding transgender and gender non-conforming individuals using restrooms based on their gender identity, congress adapting a minimum wage based on the cost of living, federal funding supporting research in stem cell usage to prevent disease, supporting paid time off for new parents, early childhood education being universally available, funding domestic violence program for both the perpetrator and the victim and promoting syringe exchange programs to stop the spread of HIV and so on. The…show more content…
No one should be forced against their will because it violates the dignity and worth of a person (NASW, 2017). People have a right to make decisions regarding their health and future without the involvement of the government. Personally, I am sensitive to children being born with diseases that alters health and development. However, social workers should set aside their values and work towards the best interest of the population. One violation of human rights can open a can of worms…show more content…
Lacking the scientific understanding regarding psychopathic behaviors, coincide with the fear I have that psychopaths will continue to harm people whether they are medicated or locked behind bars. However, the social work profession adheres to the dignity and fair treatment of people despite their differences and believe in unbiased treatment for all. Hence, continuing to develop knowledge and competence is a social work value that will assess the needs of individual. Also, to avoid conflict of interest when working in the field, the profession promotes that social workers should avoid conflict of interest to better serve the population and to represent the social work profession excluding with personal values. Therefore, I will constantly work on my own value to better serve the population (NASW, 2017).
Based on the knowledge assessment of the topic presented in the value inventory for policy survey, I do not have the knowledge to make hasty decision regarding the mandate of prenatal HIV test and capital punishment. Expanding my knowledge in these areas will promote personal value change on the
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