Neutrality In Winsel's Speech

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In winsel’s speech he tills about how “neutrality helps the oppressor never the victim” silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented .wiesel keeps trying to repeat this speech his ideas because he does not want it to happen again. That he has lived to till everybody his story so that our nation’s history does not we know what to do next time it happens. We will stand for the tormented and fight the tormentor. Wiesel is trying to relay this message to so we will do it because as he sated himself in his speech “if we forget them they will die a second time”. Which means that if we forget what happened during world war two and all the holocaust survivors and all they went through and what happened in that camp all the death .in some camps the atrocities that they did to get further in the he wants us to remember the pain the death and the suffering that…show more content…
We the usa as a nation did nothing to help the Jews during World War 2 we remain silent. We watched all of it happen. He is trying to keep the memory in our heads. Next time it happens we will stand for the people in harm. If a man try’s to repeat what happened. We will stop the man before he can do some thang like that again. The reason we keep talking this speech. To keep the USA strong because if they remember what happened they will still after 29 years be strong. We will learn from our mistakes of the past and we will be stronger for we need to keep bringing this up so that in the future maybe we will not repeat what happened. Wiesel teaches us to take sides. And hopefully we pick the good side. Because if we do not it only helps the tormentor not the tormented. We the people of the United States. Need to pick a side. We need to help those who need help. Because some can’t stand for themselves .so they need help we need to help them. And if we do we
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