Neutrogena Ads Analysis

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On television today, many commercials are very similar yet they take on a very different approach while trying to get their message across to their audience. They present their product in such a way that people may not understand what the subliminal message is actually saying. These television commercial producers know exactly what they are doing. “An advertising appeal refers to the approach used to attract the attention of consumers and/or to influence their feelings toward the product, service, or cause. It 's something that moves people, speaks to their wants or need, and excites their interest.” These producers try to appeal to the consumers by using logos, ethos, and pathos. In society today, makeup is such a big influence on every woman’s…show more content…
Whereas Maybelline focuses more on a sexy look, Neutrogena goes for the cleaner and natural look. The audience is asked how they cover up their breakouts. They then show a drop of concealer and then on top of that they show powder covering the concealer in front of a white background. They show this because they know that the audience can relate to doing these steps when they have a breakout. Also, white represents a very simple and clean look. After that, Neutrogena shows their product, which is a one step foundation that covers blemishes. Also, at the same time the foundation can help to prevent breakouts. Neutrogena uses actress Hayden Panettiere to promote this product, which is another credible source which will encourage people to buy their product. In contrast to the Maybelline commercial, the actress is not trying to come off as seductive.
Whereas Maybelline uses pathos and ethos to capture the audience’s attention, Neutrogena only uses ethos. Panettiere’s appearance, showing her clear, glowing complexion and her hair pulled back to emphasize her face, already speaks wonders for the Neutrogena product that she’s endorsing. If anyone is qualified to talk about Neutrogena’s foundation, it would definitely be someone with an appearance like hers. And, anyone with even the slightest traces of acne which is common in teenage girls, will be willing to take her advice
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They both appeal to the audience by using endorsements from celebrities that have used the product. Celebrities are very credible since they have the “flawless” complexions that appear on television that people strive to look like. People do not think of the amount of time spent photo shopping and correcting these advertisements. Even celebrities have many imperfections on their skin. No one is perfect and striving to be perfect is useless. Another benefit of using these celebrity endorsements is that they appeal to the target audience. But, where Maybelline uses ethos and pathos, they capture the audience’s attention more. Maybelline relies on the idea that people want flawless skin like the people pictured in the media. They sell their product by pointing out to the viewers that they have imperfect skin and claim that using their foundation is the cure to this problem. This commercial not only grabs the attention of the audience, but it uses rhetoric effectively to sell their product and convince viewers to buy
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