Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis

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When people are looking through a magazine, the advertisement usually overlook ads until one catches their eye. That is why the people that design the advertisement for a company has to take the time and think on how Neutrogena can make someone stop and read their ad. Therefore, advertisement has to put the pieces of the product on a paper that pops out to customers. The company for Neutrogena put together an advertisement that catches the eyes of their target audiences by using different techniques.
The advertisement about Neutrogena has descriptive qualities for making it a stronger advertisement. The advertisement colors are blue and white to create a pop. The whole background is blue with different shades. There is a splash of water in the top right corner that is holding up the product. The
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Each advertisement applies a propaganda technique to get people to want to buy their product. In this advertisement of Neutrogena, uses glittering generalities. Glittering generalities is when the company manipulate nice words like glows, within, and hydrate. The company of the product wants the people to feel strong about the product. Another technique the advertisers use is how the advertisement is laid out. The lay out for this advertisement is the people see what the product looks like, then what is does, how it works and facts, and then the products logo. Neutrogena wants the customers to visual the product and know more about it so he or she has a picture in their head when he or she is thinking of the product. On the advertisement, the company puts a slogan that is easy to remember and kinda catchy. In Neutrogena, the slogan is “the key to skin that glows from within.” This ties in with the product because the product hydrates your skin, so it makes your skin shiny (glows). The business logo pops because it has white writing with a blue background. These sayings or catch phrases help people remember the

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