Nevada Taylor Research Paper

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Background: On January 23, 1906, Nevada Taylor was walking home from her bookkeeping job in Chattanooga to her small home in Forest Hills Cemetery, where she lived with her father, the groundskeeper (Pfeifer, “United”; “Shipp”). Before Nevada even entered the cemetery grounds, a man, who she later described to have a “soft, kind voice,” grabbed her (Pfeifer, “United”). He threateningly said, “If you scream, I will kill you” (Pfeifer, “United”). Then, everything went black for Nevada (Pfeifer, “United”). When she awoke, she immediately reported what had happened to her father (Pfeifer, “United”). Sheriff Joseph Shipp was summoned to the house, along with a doctor (Pfeifer, “United”). After examination of Nevada, the doctor verified that she had been…show more content…
In addition, Hixon had just seen the man walking toward town (Pfeifer, “United”; “Shipp”). Ed Johnson was arrested and questioned for three hours, but he told Shipp that he didn’t know anything about the rape (Pfeifer, “United”; “Shipp”). That same night, an angry mob attacked the jail where Johnson was thought to be held, but, little did they know, he had been moved to a jail in Nashville for fear of a lynching (Pfeifer, “United”; “Shipp”). On January 27, Nevada went to Nashville, where Johnson was identified as the assailant and was indicted for the rape of Nevada Taylor (Pfeifer, “United”; “Shipp”). On the day of the trial, Johnson had an alibi, stating he was at the Last Chance Saloon when Nevada was raped, which was supported by many people at the saloon; however, Hixon and Nevada say that Johnson was definitely the rapist (Pfeifer, “United”; “Shipp”). Two days later, Nevada was asked to identify the assailant again, but this time she said that she believed Johnson was the man who attacked her (Pfeifer, “United”;
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