Nevah's Profession: A Short Story

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As Nevaeh entered her school, her palms were sweating and her heart was racing. As she raced to first block she tripped on a textbook and fell into the trash can. The trash can had a putrid smell of rotten tomatoes that made Nevaeh scowl. Everyone in the hall laughed and took pictures, Nevaeh’s face turned bright red. “Great,” she thought, “I will be the next trend in social media for the next day”. After that, she sulked to first block with her face down in embarrassment while the other students snickered and giggled. She figured by the time she reached first block the whole school will know what happened. Nevaeh made it to first block on time, but with a colossal price. Mr. Silver, the Science teacher exclaimed, “ Good morning class! Please…show more content…
She saw a green laser from the top of the TV pop out and scan her. The voice popped up again, “Scan complete! Identifying personnel… Person identified! Nevaeh Burke, age 12, Date of Birth September 7, 2003, Grade 7, Estimated date of Death July 18 2097, Patient number 188.” Nevaeh had a weird feeling about a computer knowing all information and being patient 188. The TV screen turned on and showed this morning right before she got to school. Then the button turned a sky blue. The TV monitor spoke again. “Click the button, once clicking this button you can redo this day, but beware this power comes with a price watch out your world ends with a ding.” Nevaeh only heard the first part and ran over to click the button. She was transported again, but instead of being in the basement, she was back in school. This time, Nevaeh slowly walked and watched out for any textbooks in her way. She made it to science without anything humiliating happen to her. She knew she already passed one embarrassing part of the day. She saw Mr. Silver as he reiterated the same thing he exclaimed earlier. Nevaeh was still in awe in how she was able to get back to this moment. When she saw Lillian walk in she knew what to…show more content…
After the test Nevaeh and Lillian both felt pleased with the science test. Lillian remarked, “ the test was not even that hard, I don’t know why I asked you for notes. I’m sorry that I was pressuring you earlier I thought I was going to fail.” “No problem, that 's what friends are for!” Both girls giggled and ran off to second block. During lunch, Lillian and Nevaeh sat together talking about the usual things and discussing how weird the popular kids were. Nevaeh asked Lillian if she would ever consider hanging out with them. Lillian made her voice deeper and pretended to act like them and both girls fell over laughing. By the end of 7th block, Nevaeh was ready to leave feeling pleased about her day. All of a sudden a portal opened right under Lillian 's chair and sucked her in. Time froze and all that moved was Nevaeh running toward the seat. The portal closed and tears streamed like a lake down Nevaeh’s cheeks. The TV monotone voice repeated the same verse in a sing song voice “we warned you about the power, don’t take this too far, the next time we see you, the next one will leave a scar.” Time unfroze and Nevaeh vowed that she would get her friend back. The world came back not with a boom, but with the ring of the school

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