Marginalization In Never Let Me Go

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Prescribed question: Which social groups are marginalized or excluded within Never Let me Go and why?
My critical response will
• Explore why are the clones the social group marginalized and excluded within Never Let Me Go
• Comment on how the isolation of the clones concludes on an exclusion from society and why.
• Comment on how the clones are not labeled as human, which excludes them from any human rights.
• Comment on the reason why clones exist and explore in which ways their existence marginalizes their reality.

Marginalization, by definition, is “the treatment of a group or concept as insignificant or peripheral.” [1] And “The exclusion of
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Clones are stripped from a life to live and are used to serve the sole purpose of organ harvesting. The society created by Ishiguro recovers from the Second World War and therefore is not willing to fall back into a post-war health crisis; these people are aware that their organs derive from other living things and gladly accept them. “And for a long time, people preferred to believe these organs appeared from nowhere, or at most that they grew in a kind of vacuum.” [5] Which concludes with the global, or at least national, exclusion clones have within this society. People reject the existence of clones and are completely fine with living with the knowledge that they may, or may not have a body part that used to belong to another creature; a creature born and grown for the sole purpose of an organ donor.

In conclusion, the clones within Never Let me Go are marginalized and excluded through a variety of ways. Ishiguro shapes the world in which his characters are feared and thus, marginalized from the human society while, society itself, rejects the idea of them existing, twisting their moral compass and stripping the clones from basic rights; allowing them to live in exclusion from their surroundings for the purpose of living for someone

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