Never, Always By Adi Alsaid Character Analysis

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Do you remember the days of when High school Musical was the topic of every conversation? Adi Alsaid, the author of Never, Always, Sometimes has created a fictional book about two high school students who plan to never be cliché high school kids. In this journal, I will be describing how one character finds their identity, love, and truth. Everything I do and everything I see is part of my identity. When David, one of the main characters, chooses to be a part of “Dave-and-Julia’s-Guide-to-an-Original-High-School-Experience-List”, he creates memories that become part of who he is. Some of the tasks on the list can also have some regrets from not completing. On page 228, the quote: “She waited until those kind eyes of his met hers, and then…show more content…
After David has asked Julia to go to prom with him, he has shown his truth about their relationship. David could have picked out other destinations and other riddles, but he chooses a location where he can find trust and truth. A quote on page 218: “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die” can tell the reader that David has found truth in himself and Julia (Alsaid 218). This is because if David feels that taking his own life and being with Julia is okay, he must have found a true trust in her. Julia must have also found trust and truth in David because she has not yet broken up with him nonetheless. Furthermore, it has been nearly 5 years that the readers know of that Julia and David have known each other. That must tell the reader that the main characters have gotten to know each other quite well. The 5 years have also let David and Julia find the differences and similar aspects of each of their personalities. Pretty words are not necessarily true and true words are not always pretty. David and Julia have found their identity, love, and truth between them and continue to search for more. They have tried to finish their list of strict, non-cliché rules and the outcome results of breaking rule number 10, never date your best
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