Never Cry Wolf Book Report

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“The worst part of getting close to someone is the part when you have to miss them”-Yasmin Mogahed. In the book Never Cry Wolf (1963) by Farley Mowat, Mowat gets very attached to the wolves, and uses a lot of emotion when he has to go study wolves for the government in North Canada to find out if they are killing the caradou. When he first starts his experiment he couldn’t find a trace of any wolves, but as soon as he does he gets attached to them and gives them names. He seems to think that the wolves are now a part of him and he knows that he has to leave them soon. His experiment teaches him so much and he gains new friends or “pack members”. In the book Never Cry Wolf, Mowat uses pathos, humor, and logos in his experiment when he is trying to find out if the wolfs are blood thirsty killing wild animals. Mowat uses humor throughout the book, and that helps to prove that The wolves are not mean animals. The first humorous part of the book was when Mowat went out to watch the wolves and he couldn’t find any trace of them. When he was about to leave he turned around to go pee and as he was peeing he noticed that the wolves are staring right at him. Mowat freaked out and yelled “ What the hell do you think you’re looking at, Toms!”(71).…show more content…
I think that he used personification because he is all alone so he wants to make other things human like for his sake, and to prove that they are just like humans and don’t want to hurt people. Mowat first uses personification when he gives the wolves names instead of naming them as test subject with numbers. “I could not resist the impact of their individual personalities”(90). This quote proves that he is getting to know their personalities so he can find names that fit them. Since he named them I feel like he treats them like people, and makes them seem like they are his friends or family when he is up in Canada too see if the wolves are killing the
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