Never Ending Adventure Essay

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Writing is a Never Ending Adventure “Writing is exploration. You start with nothing and learn as you go”, a quote from E.L. Doctorow. That is a perfect quote to explain my writing; I start with only knowing the place I am in, and then learn as I work on my paper. My writing career is like an explorer. I only go on adventures when I'm assigned one, or when I have the time to write just for me. My process is like a map: I start running right to the middle, and then go back to the beginning to see what I missed.
Like I said, I write mostly for school assignments, but I do write just for fun too. When I'm writing for assignments it’s often as my teacher assigns them. Writing for assignments can be enjoyable, or challenging/demanding, or a little of both depending on the requirements and the topic. Most of my fun writing is done over summer breaks. Writing for fun can be easy, but hard at the same time for me. When it’s for personal reasons, it’s just me letting go and jotting down everything that
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If I hear what others are doing with a creative piece, then my mind starts to turn with ideas. I also like to talk about my paper with my peers, while we are working on the assignment. After I have done my research, questioning everyone, and jotting things down on paper, I work on my outline. The outline is the most important part of my writing process because it where I, in a way, write the first draft. My outline has the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The outline for my writing process is like the story Dila tells
“Imagine building a house using Miss Lamott’s pour-it-all-out strategy...The builder would end up with a pretty shitty house; so shitty it would probably be easier to tear it down and start over, maybe a little more carefully the next time” (Dila, 1).
That’s how I see my outline; the outline needs to perfect because it's my
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