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Never Fade, a book by Alexandra Bracken, began with the main character, Ruby, working for the Children’s League. Her new team, Vida, Jude, and Nico, go on special OP’s together and do what Alban, the League’s leader, wants them to do. When Ruby and Jude go on an OP, Ruby takes Jude and disappeared to do a secret mission for Cole Stewart to get the cure to IAAN, which is in a flash drive that Liam unknowingly has sewn into his jacket. After finding Chubs and Vida, the group runs into a kid who thinks he is the Slip Kid at East River, who captures them and makes them fight a red to get in. Ruby makes the “Slip Kid” forget who he is so she can get Liam and all the other kids who are sick and weak. After going to a hangar to get food, and instead getting attacked by Michael, who was on the “Slip Kid”’s side, Ruby is captured by Rob, who wants to turn her into Thurmond. She gets into Rob’s mind and he crashes the car, where Vida, Chubs, Liam, and…show more content…
Both Jude and ruby can be related to. With Jude, sometimes you are the one who is scared and needs comforting, which is okay. Other times, you are Ruby, the brave, fearless leader who is secretly fighting a battle on the inside. The book is cleverly written and inspires you to be a caring person, like Chubs to everyone when they are injured or sick, or a confident leader, like Cole Stewart to all the kids in HQ at the end of the novel. The strengths of the novel, in my opinion, outweigh the weakness. The main weakness was the excessive cursing done by Vida. When a character curses a few times, it adds emphasis, but when it happens every couple pages, it loses its effect. The strengths included the sentence variety, like how they weren’t all compound and complex, and not all simple and short. It made the reading more interesting, and the plot twists, like Clancy being at Dairy Queen instead of Cate, and Jude dying, made you want to keep reading until you finished, and then

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