Never Give Up Harriet Tubman Analysis

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Never Give Up What do you do when you don't have food, a supporting family, or your a slave escaping to freedom? Would you give up or keep going? Salvador didn't give up even though he doesn't have much food and a family like most kids his age do. Harriet was a strong women escaping slavery but yet going back to help more people. Harriet was very strong because not only did she never give up when she was escaping, she never gave up when she was helping others escape. Salvador and Harriet are great examples of characters never giving up. It goes to show how a small act can change a couple of people's worlds or a hundred peoples worlds. An example of someone who never gives up is Salvador. He always helps …show more content…

For example, in the text it says "Somehow she would have to instill courage into those eleven people, most of them strangers, would have to feed them on the hope and bright dreams of freedom instead of the fried pork and corn bread and milk she had promised them." The eleven strangers were hungry and didn't want to go on, but Harriet kept encouraging them to never give up, she could've just gave up right there, but she didn't. Another example is when it said, "They stumbled along behind her, half dead for sleep, and she urged them on, though she was as tired and discouraged as they were." This states that Harriet was also in pain but would never give up for the freedom the runaways deserved. The last example is when it says, "Sometimes she told them things to laugh, sometimes she even sang to them, and heard the eleven voices behind her blending softly with hers, and then she knew that for a moment all was well with them." This proves that she always had the slaves backs, and knew what was best for them to keep going. Another strong example is when Harriet pulls a gun on one of the slaves who wants to go back. It shows that she would never give up on even one slave. Also, it shows that she wanted to save as many as she could and if she would've given up on one slave and let them go she wouldn't have saved as many as she did. Harriet Tubman was a great women, and

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