Never Give Up Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Yet, some readers would challenge that the theme, “it is possible to survive against all odds” is not the best theme displayed in the novel. Another possible theme to discover in Lord Of The Flies by William Golding would be, “never give up”. The boy's face challenges that were tough to get over. They had a hard time remaining alive and civilized, but no matter how hard the struggles were, the main characters in the story continued to eat instead of starve, sleep in shelters instead of sleeping in the wild, and coming up with solutions of getting off the island. This shows that the boys never gave up and pushed through the circumstance. In the text Golding states, “We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're…show more content…
‘I said before we’ll be rescued sometime. We’ve just gotta wait, that’s all.’” This tells the reader that there is still hope being rescued from the island, even if there seems there was no way they could be saved. This connects to the theme, never give up because there were certain individuals that never gave up and continued to hope for the possibility of being saved. Ralph never gave up on the idea of being rescued and he never listened to what others said to him and to others who had no hope. There is an sufficient amount of evidence to support the theme, never give up. While it is true that the theme, “never give up” is a evident theme in the text, it is not necessarily the best theme shown in the text. The theme, it is possible to survive against all odds, remains the most prevailing theme in the text. In the story, it states, “Behind him, the whole island was shuddering with flame. Other boys were appearing now, tiny tots of them, small, brown, with the distended bellies of small savages. The officer turned back to Ralph. ‘We’ll take you off, how many of you are there?’”. Golding adds this in the story to emphasize that the island was in wreck, and all of the inhabitants of the island weren’t doing any
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