Never Let Me Go Identity Analysis

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How is acceptance of one’s identity shown in the novel Never Let Me Go? How is this relevant to our society today?
We tend to observe ourselves through what Martin Poon calls, “mirrors of criticality” whereas others view us through “glimpses in a tinted window”. “We tend to minimize our successes and emphasize our failures”, but others rarely gaze long enough to notice. A fundamental part of our identity depends on the way we view ourselves and the way others view us. The importance of finding a balance between these two aspects are addressed in the novel, Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Kathy H, the reader is presented with a world where those that are genetically identical to humans are racially alienated. The main purpose for
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Through Never Let Me Go, we are shown that those around us can influence our perception of who we think we are. Our memories play a big part in the way we end our lives and can ultimately be one of the only foundations for our identities. Through Chris Rackliffe’s story we are able to the real world implications of the acceptance of our identities in relation to gender orientation. The similarities between the novel and the real life scenario are quite similar with both groups being treated as a species less that human making it hard for them to accept their identities. However, through Rackliffe’s story we see that support and courage is what it takes to be able to be accept yourself. Through both of these pieces we are reminded that it is important to accept our identity and reveal it when we feel ready. Whether the impacts of those around you are positive or negative, acceptance of our identities can allow us to lead better life’s. As Rackliffe said, instead of “fearing being accepted” turn it “into a roaring flame of
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