Never Let Me Go Movie Analysis

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Never let me go, a science-fiction drama film based in England, is directed by Mark Romanek and adapted from the book written by Kazuo Ishiguro in 2005, of the same title. This movie offers us an alternate history and provides us an insight into a society where a great medical breakthrough has been achieved, due to which the life expectancy of humans has increased beyond 100 years. Centered around the lives of three children; Kathy, Ruth and Tommy the movie takes us through their childhood which was spent in Hailsham school. Going through the turbulent emotions of childhood and adolescence, these children seem as ‘normal’ as can be and it is tough to guess what sets them apart. However as the movie progresses, the truth about these kids is revealed. These children are merely clones of humans. They exist to donate organs to humans and after 2-3 donations, they usually ‘complete’ or die. Told from Kathy’s point of view, we see how she develops strong feelings for Tommy during her days in Hailsham boarding school along with a good friendship. However, her feelings are soon crushed when her best friend Ruth and Tommy fall into a relationship. The second part of the film takes the three, now, grown up children, moving into cottages where they’re supposed to live till they can begin donating. Kathy’s feelings towards Tommy refuse to subside and are accompanied by feelings of helplessness and frustration too. Seeing Ruth and Tommy’s relationship take a step forward and become

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