Never Let Me Go Persuasive Essay

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Andrew Rogers English 10 Mr. Quartuccio 10 April 2017 Closing Seminar Assignment: Never Let Me Go As I progressed through the novel Never Let Me Go, the idea of the new world that the guardians, Miss Emily and Madame envisioned became clearer. The start of the new world is first revealed in chapter six when Kathy says, “By then, of course, we all knew something I hadn’t known back then, which was that none of us could have babies” (Ishiguro 72). This is an important part of the novel because it tell us that the Hailsham students had their most important job as humans taken away from them. That job is to reproduce and become parents. This reveal remains prominent for the entirety of the book. Another reveal is given in…show more content…
During the seminar, I voted for “yes.” I believe that the preservation of human life is worth the cost of the clones’ lives. I feel that since the clones can not reproduce and lack the capability to prolong the human race; they have an insignificant purpose. If humans can reproduce, they deserve to have their lives prolonged for the sake of the preservation of human life. Taking the lives of innocent lives (clones) is an inhumane thing to do, but as we recently discussed from Macbeth, in order to get what you want, you must take certain actions or measures to get it. What the guardians, Miss Emily and Madame wanted was to preserve human life and they achieved that, but they had to take certain measures in the process. The measures they took were harvesting the vital organs of the clones. The clones were all alone in this world and there was nothing they could do to change their destined fate. A quote that supports that is in chapter twenty-two and Kathy says, “ I realised of course, that other people used these roads; but that night to me these dark byways of the country existed just for the likes of us, while the big glittering motorways with their huge sins and super cafes were for everyone else” (Ishiguro
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