Never Say Anything A Kid Can Say ! Analysis

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PROBLEM SOLVING ESSAY 2 Critique In the selected journal article “Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say!” the author, Steven C. Reinhardt summarizes and promotes encouragement on his position with questions about teaching styles, teachers who use the direct-instruction, and the teacher-centered model that is used too often. Reinhart also discusses how this instruction does not fit well with the in-depth tasks and problems that he was using. He gathered information that he thought could change the way math is taught to students and that explaining mathematic strategies to students should be an engaging and comfortable environment. Research was done by Reinhart to move from the traditional way of instruction and use a more student-centered, problem-based approach to help students gain a better understanding through him by being the listener and the students the explainers, if they are to ever really learn mathematic skills and standards correctly. This would include the implementation of using strategies such as, creating better plans, sharing with the students the reasons for asking questions, teaching for better…show more content…
Reinhart adopted the mindset that he could no longer do all the talking, with students only listening to his lectures, and started using “specific questioning techniques” as a tool for engaging learning on a higher aspect. This is to allow students to form answers on their own will which build up higher levels of thinking skills, rather than the teacher sitting in the front of the classroom, talking to the students without them having to think about what the answer could
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