Neverland Research Paper

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When I was a little girl, my Oji-san used to tell me compelling bedtime stories of this fantasy realm called Neverland. It’s an enchanting island that will never let you grow up, and every day is one big adventure. The king that reigns Neverland, is the legendary Natsume Hyuuga; a teenage boy that never grows up. My Oji-san told colossal amounts of epic tales about him, so much that I don’t even think there was one story that didn’t involve the boy that never grows up. I one time asked my Oji-san if I could ever go to Neverland? He told me that it’s very unlikely because he only takes children that are unwanted by their parents or that are just orphans. They become his Lost Boys or Lost Girls that will follow under his command like docile…show more content…
I’m really hoping that this guy will be her Prince Charming that will sweep her off her feet and can giver her a happily ever after that she deserves. My father mysteriously left us right after Youichi was born, my mom has been juggling her veterinarian career and living as a single parent. I’ve been taking some of her grown-up responsibilities, so that she doesn 't have to feel overwhelmed with everything. I will admit though that I never want to become an adult, being in my mother shoes is not what you call fun. It’s a boring routine, there’s no variation or spontaneity. It’s funny how a lot of my friends can articulate that growing up is going to be a piece of cake without really getting a taste of the experience. It may be easy for them to let go of their childish ways, but not for me it isn’t. For goodness sake, I’m sixteen years old, but I still play dress up and pretend that I’m character from one of the fairy tales I read. Boom! And another thing, I’m still a big baby that is terrified of lightning. Funny that it started storming all of sudden. All right, I’m going to see what is taking my brother so long, and not just because I don’t want to be alone during this scary
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