Neville Beeby Case Study

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A: What difference between the fundamental beliefs , values and assumption of Britons and Americans are implicit in the telephone conversation between Neville Beeby and his wife Fiona?
A: According to the conversation, it was quite cleared that Americans are more Vigilant and active and quick as compare to British . Moreover by getting much food of such in less money shows that they provide more value of money to people. However being super active in serving food shows their disorganization and hustle towards their job, while British are much more organized and committed towards their work.
B: What expressions used by Nevile Beeby are not part of standard American English?
A: the expressions which are not part of standard American English are as follows:
1) Its absolutely smashing
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As Americans are much more informal and easy going as compare to British , such formal behavior of Neville was quite unusual for them. So they might laugh or make fun of him.
C: why do you think that Neville Beeby had difficulty in finding the Office of Robin Jefferson?
A: Neville Beeby had difficulty in finding the office because he had no idea about the address of Mr. Robin Jefferson’s office. when he arrived in the building there was no reception desk and no visible security officer who could guide him . When he walked further he saw a well-designed marble stairway, Since he reached before time and didn’t find any guidance, he decided to walk up the stairs . However after getting disappointed by not finding any office with such name, he finally asked the manager who told him that he was on the wrong floor.
D: How do Britons typically count floors in buildings?
A: When Nevillee Beeby entered in the building there was not a single person who could help or guide him about the accurate location of the office. He decided to walk up the stair to the fourth floor, where Robin Jefferson had informed him .He counted the floors one by one like a child so that she could not made a
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