New Adam And Eve Analysis

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The story of “New Adam and Eve” is about the observation of various places on earth as they both descended from heaven (sky) to earth and soon after their fall, they feel strange and somewhat frustrated from this earthly land. This classical and biblical story of Hawthorne is about the amalgamation between art and nature and it describes the concept of re-people on the earth through the biblical and Christian beliefs of classical Adam and Eve who happily lived in Eden and due to the reason of their disobedience of eating prohibited fruit, they had been fallen on the earth as punishment. Hawthorne, through this story, has portrayed the sketch about this world when this world would be devastated and destroyed completely. What would happen after destruction of this world and he imaginary created new Adam and Eve to observe their ancestors livings as they left every things as it is and Adam and Eve are observing this devastated and barren land by visiting market, library, court, jewelry shop, university and private mansion.
Lawrence’s “New Eve and Old Adam”
New Eve and Old Adam was written by D.H Lawrence in 1912. The story is mainly autobiographical, describing a simple story about the conflict between a husband and wife, reflecting the difficult time Lawrence and his new wife Frieda were having as they struggled to set the rules for their own relationship. What was the place of a woman to be in a modern marriage? This story simply discusses about the relationship of husband
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