New Aircraft Advantages And Disadvantages

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INTRODUCTION An aircraft is one of the most important aspects in the success of the aviation industry since airlines cannot operate without it. Considering that there are many advantages and disadvantages of old and new aircraft, many airlines have difficulty when it comes to deciding whether to buy a brand-new aircraft or just use an old one. That critical decision will be the starting point of either the success or failure of an airline operation. According to Wyndham (2015), there are two significant areas in arriving at the purchase decision. He recommend looking at the full life cycle cost of owning and operating the aircraft. BODY Old and new aircraft differ when it comes to advantages and disadvantages. There’s no reason to think…show more content…
One of the advantages of an old aircraft is that it pay far less out of pocket to acquire used planes (Williams, 2014) because thirty to fifty percent of the cost will be discounted when buying an old aircraft. Another advantage is that, airlines can easily change its design because they are already familiar with the characteristics of the aircraft (Wensveen, 2007). It can also have a significant cash advantage according to Wyndham (2015). However, according to Johnsons (2016), the less efficient an aircraft is, the more economical it is to operate. When it comes to the advantages of new aircrafts, on the other hand, new airplanes come with a warranty, so the new buyer is shielded from major and expensive surprises for the term of the warranty (Collins, 2007). Another advantage is that, new aircraft have better fuel efficiency which results in lower fuel costs and of course newer airplanes can reduce ten percent of the operating cost compared to old aircrafts (Wensveen, 2007). And because it is cheaper to operate, it has a low or very little maintenance expense (Cranky Flier, 2012). With this, it can secure better financing and provides a consistent stream of customers and a steady cash flow (Williams,…show more content…
While there are advantages and disadvantages of old and new aircraft, these factors does not wholly depend on the access of an airline. Airlines still rely on its quality service on their customers and truth to be told, the mechanics, built and function of an aircraft is still the starting basis. Several aspects are observed during the process of selection: price/cost, design, structure and

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